Fitness exercises in the gym

Fitness exercises

Fitness exercises; how to do them correctly in the gym? After reading the article, you can choose the best exercise option to develop not only the physical condition of the body but also the mental condition. Are you planning to start working out but haven’t decided yet what kind of exercises you want to pair … Read more

Skin condition: The effect of exercise on skin condition

exercise on skin condition

Skin condition; what type of effect of exercise? Find out what scientists have to say about the benefits of exercise for your skin and which sports to choose to maximize the results. Everyone knows that moderate exercise contributes to health. Still, the question of how exercise affects skin conditions remains unanswered for many people. It … Read more

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WHAT IF YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO DRAG YOURSELF OFF THE COUCH? WHAT IF EXERCISE WAS AN ACTIVITY YOU “JUST DID”? Hi, I’m Maria, best-selling author of “Surprisingly…Unstuck: The power of small healthy habits in a world addicted to instant results.” When I was doing my graduate studies at Stanford my health habits fell apart – … Read more