Carbohydrate loading in bodybuilding

Carbohydrate loading

Carbohydrate loading; how load a bodybuilder? Athletes on specialized web resources often discuss carbohydrate loading. Find out what scientists think about this approach to bodybuilding performance. Like intermittent fasting, carb loading has become popular in bodybuilding recently. John Keefer can be considered the founder of this nutritional method. The essence of carb loading looks very … Read more

Shoulder training at home

Shoulder training at home

Shoulder training; how can I be at home? A set of exercises at home for pumping big shoulders. Practical advice from professional bodybuilders. Pumped muscles in the shoulder girdle can visually make the back wider and give the image the appearance of the English letter “V.” This is exactly what a male figure should be, … Read more

Fake Steroids: Fake steroids in bodybuilding

Fake steroids in bodybuilding

Fake Steroids market offers drugs at a lower cost and therefore finds its customers. Learn about forgery in sports science. The release of artificial steroids began when laws and bans on the distribution of anabolic steroids came into force in the United States. All pharmaceutical companies were obliged to notify upon receipt of all instructions … Read more