What is the mission of Easy Health?

The mission of Easy Health revolves around improving health outcomes through various means. Key aspects of their mission include.

Improving Health Outcomes

Easy Health is fundamentally driven by the goal of enhancing health outcomes. This overarching aim guides their operations and strategic decisions.

Facilitating Better Care and Experience

The company is committed to delivering better care and enhancing the experience for every member they engage with, as well as for their partners. This commitment indicates a focus on both service quality and stakeholder satisfaction.

Expanding Access to Preventive Care

Easy Health emphasizes expanding access to preventive care, which is a crucial aspect of healthcare. Preventive care can help in early detection and management of health issues, thereby improving overall health outcomes​​.

Harnessing Technology

The company aims to harness technology to achieve better health outcomes. This suggests a focus on using technological advancements and innovations to improve healthcare delivery and efficiency​​.

Connecting People with Right Health Plans

Another key aspect of their mission is to connect people with appropriate health plans and maximize their benefits. This approach is likely aimed at ensuring that individuals have access to the healthcare services they need in a manner that is financially sustainable and beneficial for them​​. About Healthy People 2030.

What is the mission of Easy Health?
What is the mission of Easy Health?


Easy Health’s mission is multifaceted, focusing on improving health outcomes through better care and experiences, expanding access to preventive care, leveraging technology, and connecting people with suitable health plans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Easy Health

Here are some frequently asked questions about Easy Health:

What is the Health Insurance Marketplace?

The Health Insurance Marketplace, also known as ‘Obamacare’, is where you can purchase health plans during open enrollment and special enrollment periods​​.

What is a Special Enrollment Period?

Each year, anyone can enroll in marketplace health insurance for the upcoming year, starting on January 1st. The open enrollment deadline is December 15th. If you miss this deadline, you need a qualifying event for a special enrollment period​​.

Is There a Penalty for Not Having Health Insurance?

Penalties for not having health insurance have been discontinued, although some states require health insurance, and you may be liable if you live in one of these states​​.

Will My Prescriptions Be Covered?

Health insurance plans vary in their coverage, including aspects like remote doctor access, preventative care, and prescription coverage. Often, prescription coverage is included or can be added to your plan​.






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