Fake Steroids: Fake steroids in bodybuilding

Fake Steroids market offers drugs at a lower cost and therefore finds its customers. Learn about forgery in sports science. The release of artificial steroids began when laws and bans on the distribution of anabolic steroids came into force in the United States. All pharmaceutical companies were obliged to notify upon receipt of all instructions on manufacturing medicinal products. Similar requirements began to be imposed on the companies that produced steroids for veterinary needs. And in some states, even doctors could not prescribe steroids.

The rise in the counterfeit Fake steroids market

All of this has significantly reduced the supply of anabolic steroids to the underground market. It made the purchase of steroid drugs very difficult. But very quickly, a niche filled with fake steroids in bodybuilding. First, new them in 1983, when so-called GDR drugs began to appear in the capital of the United States – California.

Their cost reached four hundred dollars per bottle. Their manufacturers claim that they used a secret formula that allows them to get large quantities. It’s hard to say what was in those bottles. It is believed that these were homemade steroids whose cost did not exceed ten dollars. Three years later, the work of all these producers was stopped by the US authorities.

But even that time was enough to make a considerable profit. After the incredible popularity of “drugs from the GDR,” everyone realized that most athletes are willing to buy anything if it promises success. And manufacturers of counterfeit steroids in bodybuilding have started releasing new drugs.

The production of counterfeit steroids

At first, these were the same “drugs from the GDR,” and new ones started to appear, for example, Anabolic Injunction or DMU. For obvious reasons, everyone was very successful. Following the dismissal of the official Danabol, the shadow companies realized that they could make millions on this. They managed to sign a contract with one of the Mexican pharmacies, which received a significant investment to develop the production of counterfeit steroids.

Shortly afterward, a wave of Danabol, Anavar, Deka, and several testosterone mixtures poured into American soil. It should note that if the first fake steroids had ugly packaging, the new drugs became very similar and genuine. Often, even experts made it challenging to identify fakes from the original. In addition, they often proved to be truly effective, but they posed a severe threat to the health of athletes.

It is not difficult to understand that all the current secret laboratories have not passed any examinations. As a result, steroids have been produced in improper hygiene and from ingredients that people cannot use. There have even been reported deaths due to counterfeit steroids in bodybuilding. Although most counterfeit medicines have a very presentable appearance, there are several ways to distinguish the original from the fake. Manufacturers of natural anabolic steroids use various methods to protect their products.

For example, original drug batch numbers and expiry dates are usually printed in a different font, which is significantly different from other inscriptions. It is because, in public companies, all this data is used only after the bottle has been filled. Clandestine manufacturers do this at the same time.

You should also look at the sticker carefully. Counterfeit medicines are often not glued evenly, or the bottle cap opens very quickly. There are many such small things, and thanks to them, it is possible to distinguish fake products from natural products.

Note that some companies’ products are rarely counterfeit, while others have suffered dramatically from counterfeit products. The Mexican government has put a lot of effort into resisting the secret producers of fake bodybuilding steroids. For example, in 1989, the activities of one of the largest producers, Labortorios Milanos, were banned. The head of this company had been on the FBI’s wish list for two years but was never arrested.

It is tough to fight counterfeit steroids, as many countries forbid their distribution and use. This fact leaves a lot of room for shadow sales and gives them millions of dollars in revenue. Many athletes were forced to divide all counterfeit products into “good” and “bad.” We recognize that some underground companies produced steroids that worked well and were safe for the body. They indeed contained all the ingredients in the quantities indicated on the packaging. On the other hand, the composition of the “bad” products did not have the necessary active ingredients. In recent years, “bad” steroids have been most prevalent on the black market.

Fake steroids in bodybuilding
Fake steroids in bodybuilding

This company is well developed in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In these countries, the lion’s share of fake steroids is purchased. The market for counterfeit anabolic steroids in our country also exists, but it is not as developed. After all, anyone can order the necessary drugs in an online store and attract counterfeit drugs to buy in such a situation only at a low cost. But still, if you decide to buy steroids, you should be careful and do so only from reputable retailers. Today, the cost of most drugs is entirely acceptable, and there is no point in buying steroids “by hand.”


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