Exercise 2 times a day, what is the benefits?

Exercise 2 times a day; why need a person? Find out if a regular person should exercise 2 times a day if there is no goal to compete. Nowadays, athletes use the latest exercise programs, which train the whole body simultaneously. However, there are many supporters of split training. In their opinion, two meetings on the same day can be overwhelming. Many of them are convinced that it is not enough for a man to perform either arm bands or other movements for high-quality pumping of the chest muscles.

They are sure that it is possible to exercise the lower body during the same exercise as well. However, this is not as easy as it seems. Athletes often cannot train their upper and lower bodies in one session simultaneously. It is this fact that is crucial when choosing a separate exercise. Let’s find out whether it is possible to exercise 2 times a day, fitness and science specialists. For example, well-known Western coach Jeff Bauer believes two exercises daily is a more effective and convenient approach to solving the problem.

Why exercise 2 times a day?

Many experienced bodybuilders use a 5-day workout program that can look like this:

  • Monday – chest.
  • Tuesday – legs.
  • Wednesday – shoulder belt.
  • Thursday – again.
  • Friday – hands.

This training program has one significant drawback – the body is given little time to recover. Although a glance may seem like the muscles can rest for about 48 hours, this does not happen. If you visit the gym every day, for example, during back training, the muscles in your arms also have a certain amount of strain.

It should not be allowed. It is also important to remember that the nervous system works actively during physical activity, regardless of the muscle group being worked on. Even though we assume that the muscles have enough rest during five days of training, it is certainly not possible to say this about the central nervous system.

Remember that the nervous system takes the most time to recover after training. When training is done every day, the fatigue of the nervous system accumulates, and one day it will start to fail. As a result, serious health problems can arise. You’re already beginning to understand what Jeff Bauer’s answer will be to the question of whether you can exercise twice a day.

Let’s look at its reasons because you should not start using something right away without getting enough evidence of success. The first thing to watch out for is saving time. By holding two lessons a day, other days of the week are freed up.

It would help if you remembered that frequent exercise would help you reach your goal faster. This myth has hovered over athletes for a long time, and it is time to eradicate it. You will only harm your body if you change your muscles until they fully recover and grow. Therefore, such an approach to planning the training process instead of muscle growth and physical parameters will result directly in the opposite result.

However, with easy training, one can avoid trouble. Such activity does not deliver a powerful destructive blow to the muscle tissue as you have given your body enough time to recover. He will be able to prepare for a new powerful load. Exercising twice a day can cut one day off for yourself.

When using a 5-day training program throughout the year, a natural athlete can gain about two pounds [2 kg]. If you switch to two-day training a day, your muscle mass increase per year can be up to five kilos. Agree only for this reason. It is worth noting whether exercising 2 times a day is possible, but how to do it faster?

Athletes often hear that during a long period of active regular training, they have not been able to achieve their goals. Many people think that they do not exercise much. However, most often, the reason is too much strain on the muscles, which will not grow in such conditions. The results will almost double if you divide one lesson into two parts.

How to properly exercise 2 times a day?

  • Time. If you decide to start exercising twice a day, then the first thing you need to do is do the proper routine. The first lesson should occur in the morning and later in the afternoon or evening. At the same time, you must give your best during each exercise. You remember that there should be enough breaks between classes on the same day for the body to regain strength. For example, a two- to three-hour break is not enough.
  • Entertainment. It would help if you never forgot that muscles do not grow during the lesson, but only at rest. If your work is related to more strenuous exercise, then it is likely that such a training program will not suit you. According to fitness experts, the term of office is six hours.
  • Nutrition. No matter how you exercise, you need to spend enough time on nutrition. After a lesson, you not only need to eat but also get enough. The diet must include foods that contain protein mixtures and carbohydrates. It is essential to ensure you do not feel hungry before starting the second cycle. Note that it is necessary to limit fat intake so as not to slow down the delivery of other nutrients to target tissues. In addition, during training days, it is essential to increase the energy index of the diet, as energy consumption will be high.
  • Balance. Every athlete should try to avoid overtraining. From this, it can conclude that a balance needs to be found between activities with high and low intensity. It is important to gradually increase the frequency of exercises, length, and power. We recommend that most athletes avoid doing two workouts a day.
  • Duration of the lesson. As it is recommended to exercise for an hour or a maximum of one and a half days, do not spend more than 30-45 minutes in the gym at a time with two cycles. You should listen carefully to your body so as not to overtrain.

Since you know the essential elements, creating your syllabus is up to you. Athletes usually exercise their legs in the morning, which requires a lot of energy. If you are unsure that there are enough options for this, you can first work on the upper body and train the bottom at night. Here is an example of an exercise program to guide you:

  • Monday – lower and upper body in the morning and evening.
  • Closed Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Wednesday – Work at the top in the morning and at the bottom in the evening.
  • Friday – we train the bottom in the morning and work on the upper body in the evening.

It should be noted from the training plan stated that on the second and fourth day of the week, you do not need to recharge your cardiovascular system. If this fails, you should only rest on Saturday and Sunday.

The choice of strength movements is also an important issue. Emphasize basic exercises such as knee bends, deadlifts, straightening, etc. At the same time, there is no point in giving up activities to train the shoulder girdle’s biceps, calves, and muscles. Should perform each movement about 25 repetitions. However, if the exercise involves several muscle groups at once, then 20 repetitions will suffice.

Exercise 2 times a day
Exercise 2 times a day

Pros and cons of exercise 2 times a day

We have already answered whether it is possible to exercise twice a day. Let us consider all the advantages and disadvantages of this approach to course planning. Note that this training system is not suitable for all athletes. If you start in the gym, such stress can be too much. In addition, many people have difficulty finding time to plan other training. But the system has certain advantages.


  • After warming up for the second workout, you may get another breeze. The human body adapts perfectly to new conditions and quickly gets used to the new training program.
  • Endurance increases – now we are talking not only and even not so much about physical endurance, but psychologically. Agree that it is tough for fitness enthusiasts to adjust to two exercises in one day.
  • A hard lesson is divided into two simpler ones – performing two strength training sessions in one day is unnecessary. For example, you can plan your cardio for tomorrow. And at night, work with weights.
  • Experienced athletes can only perform basic movements in the first lesson and dedicate themselves to the latter in isolation.
  • We have already mentioned the increase in holidays, but we will notice this advantage again.
  • If you want, you can combine two types of exercise.
  • Properly organized split time will allow you to accomplish the task quickly.


In every trade, you can find your flaws, and dual exercises are no exception:

  • Increased risk of overtraining – if you have been playing sports for less than two years, you should consider the cost-effectiveness of switching to this training system. There is a thin line between overload and overload, and you cannot hold it.
  • The approach is not always practical for weight loss – to get rid of excess weight, it is necessary to reduce the calorie content of the diet. If you exercise twice a day, you will need a lot of energy, which cannot deliver to your body due to the calorie restriction. It would help if you remembered that your body is already deserted.
  • It would help if you found time for two exercises – not every person can adapt their daily routine to such a training strategy. Can fix problems and household issues, and you will have to skip exercises. If times are not regular and you often need to cut them, this will only slow down your progress.


As a reminder, exercise 2 times a day. This system will work for all athletes, and you should experiment and monitor your results. Carpenters, especially amateurs, often must practice three or four times a week. Researchers estimate that it takes six days for a muscle group to recover. On the other hand, the improvement level occurs only on the sixth or seventh day.

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