Fat Percentage: Determine Fat Percentage

Each person is strictly individual; the same goes for the characteristics of his physique, which depends on several factors: hereditary predisposition, previous illnesses, metabolic rate, lifestyle and work and specific sports. How do you determine the fat Percentage of a particular person’s body and fat content?

Instructions for determining fat Percentage

Step 1

Use unique tables to calculate fat content based on gender, weight and age, crisis location and thickness. To do this, weigh yourself and measure the thickness of the fat drop (it is better if you do not measure it yourself but with the help of another person). Comparison of results, evaluate the impact.

Step 2

Find the fat Percentage of the body with a unique calculator. To do this, measure your weight and waist. Enter the received data and get the result.

Step 3

Use a particular scale that shows the percentage of body fat in addition to the person’s weight.

Step 4

Calculate this indicator using the following formula: M / H ^ 2, where M is body weight (in kilograms) and height (in meters). For example, if you are 180 cm tall, you weigh 80 kg. Using the formula you get: 80/1, 8 ^ 2 = 24, 69. The result is a little less than 24 7 because the fat content in your body does not exceed the norm. But if it exceeds the value of 24, 7, it would mean you are overweight. It is easy to understand that the higher the result (at the same height of 180 cm), the more fat there is in the human body.

Step 5

There is another formula for determining body fat percentage. To calculate this:

  1. Measure the volume of the breast at the outermost point.
  2. Measure the circumference of the waist on the navel.
  3. Estimate your hips.
  4. Divide the core that is formed by the rim of the hips.
  5. Divide the waist again by the amount of breast. If the two results obtained do not exceed 0.85, then the amount of body fat is average.

Step 6

It is a more accurate method of determining fat Percentage content. It is a so-called “bioelectric analysis.” Contact a specialist to perform this. Muscle and adipose tissue have different resistance to electric current. A weak current is placed by electrodes attached to a person’s limbs. The data obtained are compiled with tables that take into account gender, age and height. As a result, the percentage of body fat percentage is calculated.

Fat Percentage
Fat Percentage

Step 7

You can also use a particular scale, which, in addition to the person’s weight, shows the percentage of body fat.

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