Thighs: Effective exercises to relax the thighs at home

Do you want to get your thighs in order but do not have time for the gym? Learn how girls make hips at home to get an attractive image. You probably know that people call the thighs part of the leg between the knee and the hips. For girls, this is one of the problem areas of the body. This is where large fat reserves are delivered. As a result, the legs lose their appeal and no girl wants to allow this.

Many people think that it is impossible to reduce the amount of fat in the thighs, but this is a completely wrong premise. To achieve this goal, you need to work on the buttocks muscles, as well as the inner and outer thighs. When you combine training and proper nutrition, you can achieve excellent results.

Exercises for internal thigh muscles

The inner thigh is the hardest area on a girl’s body. The body primarily creates fat reserves here and it is very difficult to get rid of them. The condition is aggravated by the fact that in this part of the leg the skin is rather soft and will quickly escape the accumulation of fat. However, it is necessary to do exercises to relax the thighs at home.

If you do not pay enough attention to your inner thighs, you will not be able to make your legs attractive. We will now look at the best exercises to help you solve your inner thigh problem.

  • The legs are located at the level of the shoulder joints and weights should be taken in the hands. After taking a big step forward, sit down as low as possible. After that, return to the starting position and perform the movement on one leg. Each leg should do 10 repetitions.
  • “Bolt”. It is necessary to hold a small ball between the thighs and squeeze it as tightly as possible. After that, relax your muscles and repeat the exercise. The total number of repetitions is 15. You can also perform the exercise while sitting or walking.
  • Squats in the first position. The first position refers to ballet and in this position, the heels should be close and your toes spread apart. Make sure your back is straight and your eye should be straight ahead. Perform a knee bend from this position and fall as low as possible. If you find it difficult to balance, you can keep your hands on the back of a chair or wall.
  • “4-ka”. You need to lie on your back, straighten one leg and the other should be bent at the knee. Start by lifting the right leg and then lowering it. Perform exercise at a slow pace.
  • Deep knee bend. The legs are wide and the weights are forced into the hands, but if you have not done sports before, just start training with your own body weight. Go down until the knees are bent at right angles.
  • Monica is in a supine position. Take a position lying on your side and rest your head in one hand. One hand is close to the body and the legs are on top of each other. Swing the upper leg in a vertical plane. Exercise does not allow you to load your muscles to the maximum, so it is necessary to work in repeated mode. The number of repetitions should preferably be one hundred. You can also use a foot weight.
  • Monica is in a standing position. Place your hands on a chair or wall and swing to the side, back and forth. Exercise is slow and the number of repetitions is similar to the previous exercise.

Monica is in a vulnerable position with thinning. Get on your back with your legs up. Begin by extending your legs to the sides, without bending them at the knee.

It is very important to complete this set of exercises for slim thighs at home with elastic.

Effective exercises to relax the thighs at home
Effective exercises to relax the thighs at home

Exercises for the muscles outside the thighs

The outer side of the thigh is a little easier to process compared to the inner side, but you should not rely on quick results. If you do exercises to relax your thighs at home every day, you will improve the striking appearance of this particular part of the leg.

  • Abduction pacifier. Take a standing position with your legs spread and keeps you’re back straight. Perform a knee bend parallel to the ground. After that, it is necessary to transfer the weight of the body to the right leg and take the right leg to the side up, as if you are going to climb the wall. One repetition must be performed for at least 40 seconds.
  • Side kick. The starting position is similar to the previous exercise to relax the thighs at home. Start by moving your body weight on your right foot as you lift your left foot off the ground. When the knee of the left leg is at the abdominal level. It is necessary to bend it and put the heel on the buttocks. After that, hit the side, but the toe does not reach.
  • Monica uses a plot. Take a position on the side and hold the dumbbell with the upper hand and place it on the thigh. Begin lifting the hip with a total of 40 reps in each direction.
  • Running in place. When the race is in place, the knees must be lifted as high as possible. The repetition time is 20 seconds.
  • Jump rope. Here you must remember your childhood when you jumped on a rope. Note that to prevent damage to the ligaments, the movement should be done in shoes and bend the legs slightly at the knee.
  • Jump out of deep boxing. Sit down on the sideline on the thighs to the ground, after which you should jump out of this position. For a soft landing, your toes should be the first to touch the ground.

All the exercises described above to lose weight on the thighs at home, you need to perform without interruption one after the other. When one round is complete, rest for one minute and repeat the entire braid from the beginning. This should do from four to five laps.

Set of exercises to weight thighs and buttocks

The female body has a special structure and adipose tissue is mainly located in the lower part of the body. In addition, the inactive lifestyle of many people contributes to the accumulation of fat. To make your legs attractive, you need to do exercises to relax your thighs at home, while developing your butt muscles.

  • Constant knee bends. Take a standing position near the wall at a distance of one foot. Legs are at shoulder height and lean against the wall with your back. Change your weight on your heels and stand as if you were sitting on a chair. If you have a fit ball, you can use it by placing it between the wall and your back.
  • Elevation of the pelvis. Get on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Start by lifting your body, resting on the ground with your shoulder blades and legs. While doing this exercise to lose weight at home, you need to tighten your butt muscles. If the movement is very easy for you, then you need to use weights. Do three sets of 10 reps each.
  • Swing back. Go to the knee-elbow position and start lifting one leg. During the exercise, the muscles of the forefoot should be tensed.
  • Lie on your side with your legs extended. Lift your legs slightly and tense your muscles, making movements that mimic scissors. The number of repetitions is ten.

Start performing the above exercises to lose weight at home; you should remember that it will take time to be successful. Sometimes you can find online complex exercises, which, according to the authors, can be effective in one or two weeks. Do not believe such claims.

It is difficult to train muscles, especially for girls. If you want to make your image as attractive as possible, then you need to combine strength and cardio with the right balance of nutrition. This is the only way to pump muscle and get rid of cellulite and fat. It is also important to remember that classes should be regular and once you have reached your goals, do not stop training. This way you can maintain success at home and always be in good shape.

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