Why it’s important for students to find time to exercise

Being a student is perhaps the most misunderstood phase of a person’s life. It is a confusing time because everyone seems to be telling you how this time will never come back and life becomes increasingly difficult with age. Apparently, being a student is supposed to be fun. While this may be true, it cannot be denied that being a student brings with it a lot of stress and hard work associated with succeeding with good grades.

Moreover, a student also has to invest a lot of time in making friends and in all of the projects and assignments, all of the clubs and teams, and all of the events. It goes without saying that students just don’t have the time to invest in other things. That being said, there are still activities that are very important to make time for, such as exercise. Most students are young and healthy and therefore might not deem exercise to be important, but they still have to incorporate some form of it in their routines.

Benefits of exercising

We all know that exercising is healthy and good for us. What many of us don’t know is that exercise is actually really good for many reasons other than being physically fit. If you’re not used to exercise, then it can be very tiring and even boring, but as soon as your body gets used to it, it becomes a very significant part of your life.


The most obvious advantage of moving around is that it greatly impacts health. Students need to be in prime health in order to function well in school. Maintaining a healthy body is more than simply muscles and thin waists – it is making sure that you have a good quality of life. Keep in mind that health isn’t only physical, but also mental. Often, we tend to ignore mental health by focusing only on the physical side of it.

Physical health

Exercising from a young age helps to ensure that you don’t develop any dangerous diseases or health problems as you get older. Exercise isn’t a miraculous elixir that will grant you eternal youth, but it will enable you to live a very high-quality life. Whereas students or young people are generally not at risk of developing any serious diseases, it is always a good move to start prevention early. Exercising will help you to avoid diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and even cancer. In fact, exercise also boosts the body’s immune system, which prevents a lot of diseases.

Exercise also aids in better sleep, which is very important to give rest to the body. Because you exert yourself when you exercise, your body will naturally crave rest, so sleep won’t be trouble, provided that you don’t suffer from serious sleep deprivation conditions such as insomnia. Exercise is also responsible for giving you natural energy boosts throughout the day. If you ever feel overly lethargic or lazy, try exercising for a few minutes each day and feel the difference.

Mental health

Maintaining mental health is just as important as physical health. Exercise helps in regulating an individual’s mental health by curbing illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Endorphins released as a result of exercise are what we call ‘feel good’ hormones that help to prevent mental health issues.

A healthy mind also directly translates to doing well academically. Exercise allows students to be attentive in class participation and related activities. Students who work out are also better academically, provided that they do study, of course. Exercise won’t magically transfer knowledge to the brain!

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You should not be under any societal pressure to look a certain way. The only way that you should want to look is what you consider to be attractive for yourself. Exercise can be a really good way to express yourself because depending on your needs, you can incorporate a routine that keeps you fit or a routine that helps you to achieve a body that you desire – thin or bulked up. Exercise can be a very good and healthy way to boost your confidence and to keep you perfectly happy in your skin. Young people are more susceptible to peer pressure and are naïve in regard to unrealistic beauty standards.

Moreover, if you are someone who would not opt for aesthetic procedures to maintain your appearance or to achieve a certain look, then exercise can help in attaining the kind of body you want to keep. It also helps in aging well. We must all grow old, but exercise makes sure that we do it like fine wine.


Although exercise is considered to be important for older people as a means of regulating their health, it is equally important for young people, if not more, and especially for students. Students have enough pressure on them as it is – they can do without health-related problems, which can very well be avoided by exercising.

Students need all the energy they can muster to do well both academically and socially during their school days. They need to have healthy bodies and healthy minds to take on all the challenges that school life has to offer. Exercise is a lifestyle that has to be adopted, so it is best to do so at a young age. Staying fit and healthy is inarguably necessary to lead a high-quality life!

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