Exercise for 15 minutes

Exercise for 15 minutes; find out how you can quickly and, most importantly, do your workout efficiently in a day. The result comes in 2 weeks. Most people think that sports are time-consuming. Today we will dispel this belief and give an example of a 15-minute workout. Nothing is for men, women, and weight loss.

Exercise for 15 minutes for girls

First, you need to master the technique of all three movements, and only after that full-fledged training begins. Your task in this complex is to perform three rounds with a decrease in the number of repetitions according to the system 21-15-9. Simply put, you first need to complete 21 repetitions of each planned movement, and without rest, go to the second round. This time, all activities are repeated 15 times in the third round – 9 times.

  • Burpees. Sit down and rest your palms on the ground, but your knees should touch your chest at this time. After that, throw your legs back and thereby take the support while lying down, but you must touch the ground with your whole body. Begin to straighten your arms by lifting your pelvis. Step forward to your arms, stand and jump up while clapping a crab above your head. All the above actions are one repetition.
  • Jump to object. While standing, position yourself with an object of sufficient stability, such as a box 30 centimeters away. Begin to bend your knee as you pull your arms back. Throw your hands forward, and jump on the object. During the landing, be sure to turn the knee joints slightly.
  • Deadlift. Your feet are hip-level, and the bar is on the ground in front of you. Lean forward, bend the knee joints slightly, and the pelvis is pulled back so that the body’s weight is transferred to the heels. You must take the bar with an upper grip and place your arms more comprehensively than your feet on the bar. It would help if you also straightened your arms fully. Make sure the spine is in a neutral position and forms one line with the head.

Keeping your back in a straight position, begin to lift the rocket along a trajectory close to a straight line. Should slightly pull the shoulders back in the upper-end place, but the body must not bend.

Exercise for 15 minutes for men

Before starting the complex, you should warm up for five minutes. You can do squats, limb swings, body twists, etc. Set a timer for 15 minutes, as you need to show up precisely at this time. Exercise three times a week. It is necessary to work with great energy.

  • Sumo squat followed by a lunge. Place your feet wider than your shoulder joints and turn your feet outwards. Bringing your hips back, begin to squat until you form a 90-degree angle at your knees. During exercise, it is necessary to stretch the gluteal muscles. After that, jump up. You need to do 12 repetitions.
  • Push-ups with the lifting of the arm. Get into a push-up position. Tighten your stomach and leg muscles. Inhaling, lower yourself until a 90-degree angle is formed in the elbow joints. Exhale, go up, and touch one hand to the opposite shoulder joint. You need to do 12 repetitions.
  • Jump plank. Lie down – the body is stretched in a straight line, and the muscles of the abdomen and legs are in tension. With a jump, you need to pull your legs to your arms and jump out. After landing, squat down and return to the starting position with a jump. Do 12 repetitions.
  • Plank with a drawing of the knee joints. The starting position is similar to the last movement. Still, relying not on the palms but the elbow joints is necessary. Pull one knee up to the elbow joint of the same name. After returning to the starting position, follow through with the other leg. In total, you need to do 12 repetitions.
  • Jumped up and to the sides. And the position of the half skull must jump up and to the side—12 repetitions in total.
  • Plank with hand lift. Emphasize posture, and at the same time, the body should be in a straight line. Raise your right arm to the ground while pushing your left leg to the side. After returning to the starting position, it is necessary to repeat the movement in the other direction. It is required to perform three repetitions in each order.
  • You are pulling the knee joints to the chest in a jump. After you jump out, pull your knee joints to the ore cage as close as possible. Do 12 repetitions.
Exercise for 15 minutes
Exercise for 15 minutes

Exercise for 15 minutes for weight loss

Must repeat each exercise 15 times. You should complete the maximum number of calls in 15 minutes.

  • Snowboarding. Take a snowboarding position – your hips are parallel to the ground, and your feet are slightly wider than your shoulder joints. It would help if you touched the floor with your forearm. It should also note that the feet should not be on the same line, and the knee joints should not protrude beyond the toes. Jump up; you need to turn around and, upon landing, take a mirror position. Land softly, and immediately after touching the ground, touch the hand in front of the earth. Once you’ve completed 15 reps, move directly to the second movement.
  • V-crunch. Get into the “V” seat. Legs should be extended forward but not touching the ground. Spread your arms to your sides. Bring your knees to your chest and wrap your arms around them. In total, you need to perform 15 repetitions.


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