TOP 9 female mistakes in the gym

TOP 9 female mistakes in the gym; how do you recover? All athletes make mistakes. Girls are no exception. Check out the top 9 female fitness mistakes to avoid in your workouts. Experienced athletes will always be able to see beginners’ mistakes when they visit the gym. Today’s article will be helpful for girls who can find the TOP 9 female mistakes in the gym.

 Repeating daily exercises

If you have not been able to communicate with an experienced trainer and your experience in the gym is not long. Most of the time, it is simply impossible to understand that the muscles should rest after training. With a daily visit to the gym, the forces do not have time to recover, so they will never be in good shape.

Each muscle group needs at least 48 hours of rest. It will be even better if each muscle group is trained weekly. At the same time, if you put a lot of emphasis on your muscles in the classroom, you’ll be surprised how much progress you can make while doing this. Resting the muscles is just as important as the exercise itself.

Fear of dumbbells

Many girls are still convinced that lifting weights will make their figure less attractive. Don’t be afraid of this. Remember that using only aerobic stress may not lead to significant changes in the body. Of course, it will burn a certain amount of fat in this case, but this will not change the general condition.

Only with strength training will your butt become more elastic, your calves will acquire “appetizing” contours, and your stomach will be flat. The more muscle you build, the more calories you burn. In addition, during strength training, bone tissue is also strengthened, which will help to avoid osteoporosis.

 Drinking too little water

Of course, this recommendation does not only apply to girls. If you look carefully at the guests of the halls, very few drink as much water as necessary. Pay attention to experienced athletes who drink a lot of fluids.

It is because, during exercise, the body loses a lot of water, and it has to replace this loss. The body will tire much earlier than necessary if this is not done. It should also be remembered that water helps eliminate toxins from the body, protects joints, and helps speed up metabolic processes.

Too much cardio

Many women believe in the miracle of the heart line. But with intense aerobic training in the body, the formation of cortisol is accelerated, which destroys muscle tissue. The less muscle mass you have, the slower the metabolic response. It is enough to use cardio for a maximum of 40 minutes in one session. However, you should also consider your body’s unique characteristics and choose the optimal cardio program individually.

Wide Grip Deadlift Technique

As mentioned above, mistakes are common to all beginners. But many girls make the same mistake when doing wide vertical rows. This exercise aims to develop the back muscles. When performing an exercise, girls often use only their hands and are late by pushing sports equipment.

The correct exercise is performed as follows. The hands on the bar should be wider than the shoulders and pull the bar slightly above chest height. In this case, the body should deviate slightly.

Wanting to reduce the waist size, the press is heavily loaded.

Perhaps the most popular exercises for girls are exercises to develop the abdominal press. It is understandable because everyone wants to have a slim waist. However, this is a huge misconception, and you will be unable to reduce the amount of fat in the abdominal cavity. All you will achieve with this is to create the illusion of a tight stomach. First, you need to lose fat, which will require cardio and a nutrition plan. Only after that, thanks to media development exercises, can you make your image even more attractive.

TOP 9 female mistakes in the gym
TOP 9 female mistakes in the gym

Wanting not to sweat and wearing a lot of perfume

Girls should remember that training takes place in the gym, and sweating is a natural process. You should not be afraid of your makeup, even better if it is absent during class. It is not a date but a training session.

The same should be said for spirits. Not the most pleasant moment when you get a dose of fragrant perfume while exercising on the treadmill. It should also remember that some people may be allergic to different smells.

Not eating protein after training

This mistake is common not only in girls but also in boys. After intense training, the muscles must recover as quickly as possible. However, this does not happen, as a lack of protein compounds is created in the body. It is to restore muscle tissue that should consume protein shakes after exercise.

In most rooms, you can buy them, but you can quickly prepare them yourself. Whey protein with added glutamine is a delicious post-workout drink. Try a post-workout mix of 40 grams of protein, 50 grams of carbs, and 5 grams of glutamine. Providing the body with healthy fats using special food additives will also not be unnecessary.

Of course, determining the amount of the above substances should consider the organism’s characteristics. For this reason, if possible, consult an expert.

Leaning to the side

Many girls like to perform this exercise and, at the same time, do not even suspect that they only increase their waist in this way. But you want to achieve the exact opposite effect.

So you meet the top 9 female mistakes in the gym. Try to avoid the described mistakes, and progress will not take long.

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