Aerobics step: What does an aerobics step do?

Aerobics step Learn basic step-by-step training now to start burning fat at home today. If you are interested in ways to get rid of excess weight, then you probably know about the experts’ recommendation to take at least half an hour. The body begins to process fat reserves in energy precisely in the field of half an hour of exercise. To date, liver and muscle glycogen stores are used. At first glance, 30 minutes is not that long, but often it is a lot.

However, you can now actually burn fat at home by using step aerobics. This type of cardio can provide the necessary strength to activate the fat-burning process and at the same time does not adversely affect the articular ligament.

What does an aerobics step do?

The history of aerobics began in 1989 from an awkward moment. The infamous American gymnast Jean Miller at the time suffered an annoying knee injury. After the injury healed, the doctors prescribed her a rehabilitative gym and one of her exercises was to climb into a box. However, Jean decided to improve this movement and thus became a pioneer in aerobics, with the lessons you will learn today.

Advantages of aerobics step

  • Improved mood. Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions and will always have a positive effect on your mood. Researchers have shown that aerobic exercise can help reduce stress and eliminate depression. One of the studies that scientists have conducted is directly related to aerobics.
  • Cholesterol balance is normal. Aerobics is a great way to normalize your fat concentration and fat percentage. As you know, if the blood contains high levels of low-density lipoproteins, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases significantly. By practicing aerobics you can reduce this risk.
  • Fimi increases. Dexterity is an essential skill in everyday life. In one experiment, it was found that after three hours of aerobic exercise training, the individuals not only increased strength and endurance but also the coordination of movement and agility. It should also be noted that the study lasted for three months, which indicates a fairly high degree of fairness in the results obtained.
  • Decreases fat mass. This is the reason why most girls do aerobics. Several studies have also been conducted on this subject and have yielded positive results. After two months of regular training, individuals lost an average of four kilograms of fat.

How to prepare for the aerobics step?

Before you learn about aerobics, you need to take a few minutes to prepare for the lessons. To begin with, you need a platform that you can safely buy in specialized sporting goods stores. At the same time, aerobics can be performed at any height, for example, a sturdy box like the founder of this fitness area Jean Miller.

Start, as always, with a minimum, and in this case, it is the height of the hill. Do not use music that exceeds 128 beats per minute. Otherwise, fainting is possible. Before each lesson, do warm-up exercises for ten minutes, thus warming up your muscles and gradually increasing your heart rate.

Aerobics step
Aerobics step

Aerobics step basic movements

Simple step

This is the simplest exercise you should start to master fine aerobics. A simple step is done in four numbers:

  • 1st count – step is taken with the right foot on the platform.
  • 2nd count – ascend the hill with the other leg.
  • Counting 3 – step on the ground with your right foot.
  • Count 4 – repeat the first movement with the second leg.

Make eight seats for each foot. To increase the intensity of the exercise, you can also perform arm exercises.

V-shaped step

It is also a fairly simple movement, very similar to the previous one. You also need to move in four numbers and the difference in a simple step is that you place your right foot on the platform as far as possible to the right and with your left foot to the left. Thus, the trajectory of your movements should resemble the English letter “V”.

Step and turn

The movement is similar to the previous one, but when ascending a height you have to turn your body. Note that the steps and rotation of the body must take place simultaneously. Then you need to turn your body 90 degrees on the support leg, stop near the platform and after that, the second leg is placed there. Then all these movements must be performed in the opposite direction.

Triple knee lift

This movement is more intense compared to those discussed above. After completing a step with the right foot on the platform, perform three lifts of the left knee of the team up and touch the ground when the movement of the leg is backward. Perform on the second leg.

Opposite lungs

This is a great exercise that involves all the leg muscles in the slave. To finish it, you have to stand on the platform and lean your body slightly forward. Bend your left knee; stretch your right leg again. When the right foot touches the ground, bend almost until the right knee touches the ground. Return to starting position and follow in the opposite direction.

Foot removal

Great exercise for the butt muscles. Stand in front of the platform with your feet together. Put your left foot on the street, but lean your body forward and take your right foot as much as possible. After returning to the starting position, perform an exercise with the other leg.

Leg curls

Sit in front of the street and put your left foot on it, moving the center of gravity to it. Simultaneously with this movement, bend the right knee so that the heel is as close as possible to the buttocks. Straighten your leg and return to the starting position and move with the other leg.

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