How to Plan a Memorial Service or Celebration of Life

Whether the deceased was religious or nonreligious, there are several factors to consider when planning a memorial service or celebration of life. A memorial service is focused on the person’s recent loss. Usually, it contains religious overtones, whereas a life celebration is more secular and focuses on the deceased’s joy in being alive. As you plan the event, you should consider the culture of the dead, religious preferences, and circumstances that led to the death. Regardless of what type of memorial service you’re planning, a general checklist will help you organize your thoughts and plans.

Celebrating a loved one’s life

Consider some options for memorial services Chesapeake VA for a loved one who passed away. Depending on your budget and the individual’s preference, you can include family members, friends, or a hired celebrant. Some people like to keep personal items, so consider various options when planning a memorial service. You can also incorporate many activities into the service to make it more meaningful.

If your loved enjoyed an active lifestyle, consider creating an event around that. You can make a bucket list for everyone to complete, including doing random acts of kindness, traveling, and drinking their favorite soda. Whatever you choose, it’s essential to reflect the personality of your loved one. It can be a family reunion or a skydiving trip.

Creating a guest list

When planning a memorial service, it is essential to write down the names of everyone attending the event. By having a list of everyone attending, you can choose a location and determine the number of guests you need to invite. When creating the guest list, you should keep in mind the number of people who will be attending the memorial service and their ages and gender.

Remember that everyone at the event may have special memories or thoughts of the departed. If you have time, invite people who were close to the deceased to share their memories with family and friends. Incorporate personal messages in the guest list if you have them. Some families include a picture or brief description of the departed. It is also a good idea to keep the message short and save the longer stories for the eulogy or obituary.


When sending out invitations for a memorial service or celebration of life, there are some basic things to keep in mind. The deceased’s name, date of death, venue, time of service, dress code, and type of event should be included. Keeping these factors in mind will make the process easier and stress-free. After all, you are grieving for a loved one.

In addition to the names of those attending, many families include brief descriptions of the deceased’s life. They may consist of the words of their children and grandchildren or their professional work and hobbies. It is important to keep messages on these invitations brief and specific to the nature of the ceremony. Longer messages are better left for the obituary or eulogy. However, you can include a tribute poem that you wrote about the deceased’s life and legacy.


A celebration of life is an opportunity for family and friends to remember the life of their loved ones. Decorations should be thoughtful and reflect the theme of the service. Flowers are a must for any gathering and a reminder of life’s cycle. They also provide a relaxing vibe. Fresh flowers make the ceremony more personal. Let your friends and family know the deceased’s favorite things so they can make a thoughtful selection.

celebration of life may revolve around a loved one’s favorite hobby. For instance, if the deceased loved to garden, you could plant a memorial tree in their honor. Other cultures release sky lanterns during celebrations. You can remove them during the service and afterward. The community may also wish to acknowledge the loss with fireworks during the event. A celebration of life should be as unique as a person’s life.

Memorial Service
Memorial Service


There are many activities to include at a memorial service or celebration of life. Whether your loved one is an avid gardener, a nature lover, or a sports fan, there are activities to fit their likes. For example, instead of traditional flowers, try planting potted plants in honor of them. You can also add ashes from the cremation to the soil. Finally, have guests plant a seed in honor of the deceased.

Another idea is to create a teddy bear of your loved one’s favorite things. This way, you can recycle their clothes and honor their memory. You can also establish a scholarship in their memory. If your loved one loves animals, you can adopt a pet at the local animal shelter. You can give the pet a name that will remind you of your loved one. If your loved one loves dogs and cats, you can adopt a dog or cat from a local shelter.

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