Pressure on the steroid cycle

Pressure, some athletes experience headaches while taking steroid medications. Find out why and how to prevent this side effect. Today we will talk about the increase in pressure on the steroid cycle. This leads to headaches. Basically, this can happen during a course of proliferation, which includes drugs that contain estrogen. If you have pain, you should not use only aspirin to combat it. Pain may be caused by high blood pressure in the steroid ring that needs to be reduced.

Symptoms of hypertension

The simultaneous growth of muscle mass also increases the process of blood production. It should also be noted that with systemic aerobic and anaerobic stress with high or moderate intensity, the size of the left ventricle of the heart increases. Sometimes you can hear the phrase “sports hearts”, that’s what it means.

It should be borne in mind that if you abruptly stop playing sports, your heart will often fail due to a large increase in the ventricle. From this we can conclude that if an athlete has been a serious participant in sports for several years, then it is undesirable to stop training, otherwise the risk of heart attack increases. Due to the hypertension of the heart and the larger blood volume, the blood pressure on the steroid ring of athletes always exceeds medical standards. On average, 140/90 figures for an athlete is normal pressure, but if these figures are exceeded, this does not bode well. It does not matter if you are using steroids or not.

If you experience the following symptoms you should contact your doctor immediately:

  • Frequent pain in the back of the head;
  • Palpitations, even at rest;
  • Multicolored circles often appear before the eyes;
  • Ring in the ears;
  • Shortness of breath and nausea are common.

It is important to remember that up to the age of 30, hypertension can be hidden and its symptoms will not appear. You need to constantly monitor your blood pressure and do it once a week. This should be done even if you are not currently using AAS. It should also be noted that with increased consumption of protein compounds and low levels of carbohydrates in the diet, the blood becomes thick, which also contributes to an increase in blood pressure. Drink more water to dilute the blood.

Reasons for increased pressure when using AAS

There are three reasons for this

Increased blood levels in the steroid cycle

Almost all steroids promote the formation of red blood cells (erythrocytes). This is certainly good for sports activities, but because of this the blood thickens. Among the steroids that maximize the production of red blood cells, oxymetholone, nandrolone, fluoxymesterone, testosterone, and boldenone should be taken.

Anabolic cholesterol balance changes toward bad

This leads to the formation of a new plaque on the walls of blood vessels, which increases the risk of a heart attack. This was the cause of the death of the famous fitness manager Mike Matarazzo. To a greater extent, among all AAS, this is facilitated by methandrostenolone and stanozolol.

A large amount of excess fluid

When steroids are used, fluid is retained in the body, which also contributes to increased pressure and stress on the heart. Here are the following steroids: methandrostenolone, oxymetholone, testosterone, and methyltestosterone. In particular, it should be noted trenbolone, which does not differ in the ability to retain fluid, has almost no effect on the increase in blood volume, but when used, increase heart rate and high steroid pressure are very often noted.

How to withstand high pressure

Aromatase inhibitors should be used to reduce the amount of fluid in the body, however, the prescribed dose should be followed for these medicines. Otherwise, the balance of cholesterol will also be disturbed against the bad. When used on oxymetholone therapy, Clomid or tamoxifen should be used. These were the simplest problems; the solution to them is not difficult. But the remaining ones are rather difficult to solve.

Proper nutrition should be considered immediately, which must include fish oil that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It is the richest food in these nutrients. You can also use mildronate and inosie-f. Their effectiveness increases significantly when used with Cardio magnum. Be sure to follow the recommended dosage so as not to harm your body.

If none of the above methods solves the problem of high blood pressure, then you must use more radical methods. Now we are talking about special drugs that can lower blood pressure.

Physiologists to manage pressure

The active substance in this medicine is moxonidine. If all the methods do not work, then this tool will definitely help. Thanks to its use, the cells will increase insulin sensitivity and when taken at night, the production of growth hormone will be increased. The daily dose is 0.4 milligrams. It should be immediately noted that physiological drugs are rather expensive.

Capoten will lower the pressure

The active substance in Capoten is captopril. In terms of cost, this device is acceptable for most athletes. But its main advantage is the ability to lower blood pressure specifically, that is, through physical exertion. The active ingredient in Capoten has a rather mild effect on the body and the drug can also remove excess fluid from the body. It should be taken twice a day, 25 milligrams each. You can also take the whole dose at once before going to bed.

Pressure on the steroid cycle
Pressure on the steroid cycle

Clonidine to lower blood pressure

Many people know about this drug. It is best to use any of the above as clonidine lowers blood pressure very strongly leading to drowsiness and fatigue. It should be taken twice a day, 15 milligrams.

Finally, it should be noted that if you always have high blood pressure on steroid cycles, then you should not use them. This can be very dangerous to your health.

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