Super Slimming: Ephedrine, Caffeine, Aspirin

Super Slimming; today we will talk about the features of rapid weight loss. Maintaining body weight is just as important for athletes as building muscle mass.

All athletes want to know if excess weight loss is present. First, you need to be disciplined and work well with yourself to achieve your goal.

The need for super slimming

All athletes want the same thing – to maximize muscle gain. After all, this is exactly what bodybuilding is all about – building a more substantial, more beautiful body. Based on this, it can be argued that the leading drugs for athletes, such as creatine, help achieve this goal.

However, one more thing common to all bodybuilders – is the desire to get rid of excess accumulation of subcutaneous fat. What is the use of large muscles covered with fat? Because of that, ancient proportions, beautiful reliefs, etc., are not visible. Thus, the essence of bodybuilding is not only to build a significant body; it must be dry.

There comes a time when every fitness enthusiast starts looking for the most effective fat burner. Now on the market, you can find several such drugs whose manufacturers guarantee high efficiency. However, always remember that there are no magic pills in nature.

It is much easier for those genetically predisposed to have a dry body, but most people do not have such a gift. Therefore, the desire to reduce the content of subcutaneous fat by at least five percent becomes a severe test.

Diet and exercise for super slimming

Any nutritional plan to reduce body fat is based on reducing or increasing calorie intake. To achieve this, athletes need intense training and a concomitant reduction in the caloric intake of their daily diet. To burn fat as efficiently as possible, you must achieve a state known as a caloric deficit.

In this case, the body must use fat reserves to obtain the required amount of energy. But enough words, it’s time to move on to the review of the most effective drugs aimed at burning fat. With their help, you can achieve extraordinary thinness.

Fat burning preparation

Now all over the world, Redux and Hairdryer / Hairdryer are very popular fat burners. The first uses dexfenfluramine as an active ingredient, and the second uses a combination of phentermine and fenfluramine. Even though their popularity is growing daily, people who take them often have specific side effects.

Thus, no one can still compete with the “killer” combination of aspirin, caffeine, and ephedrine. You can also use herbal analogs of these drugs – willow bark, guarana, and ephedra. According to recent studies, this combination is almost 30% more effective than Redux, which is currently the best seller in the United States. At the same time, the cost is significantly lower, side effects are infrequent, and the result is simply impressive.

How fat burners work

Before proceeding to the description of the principle of the ECA robot, it should warn that people who have problems with blood pressure, heart, prostate, and diabetes should not use the drug. It is also worth avoiding using ECA for various types of stomach ulcers.

All side effects are only related to the use of high doses. The mixture is strong medicine and must not exceed the recommended dose. It will not increase efficiency, but it can create problems.

Now about the mechanism of action of the mixture on the body. The “powerful” part here is ephedrine or its natural counterpart, ephedra. It discovered its thermogenic properties a long time ago. Still, then found that the drug works even better in combination with caffeine and aspirin. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve an accurate, super weight.

When caffeine and ephedrine are mixed, their effects on the body are combined. It happens when arbitrary doses of these substances are used. However, when caffeine and ephedrine are mixed in a specific ratio, the effects become synergistic, and therefore the efficiency increases significantly. This ratio is as follows: 20 milligrams of ephedrine and 200 milligrams of caffeine.

Super Slimming
Super Slimming

However, combining caffeine and ephedrine is not only a potent fat-burning effect. When the results of the combination were studied on animals, a 10% increase in muscle mass was also noted. Since both substances are Thermo genic, they can prevent the formation of new lipids. Caffeine can speed up the production of adrenaline and thus increase the rate of fat absorption.

In addition, clinical studies have demonstrated the ability of the mixture to reduce appetite, which helps to use a diet. Thanks to ECA, athletes will be able to keep their bodies dry. Of course, for this, you should make a proper nutrition and exercise plan. Since the mixture is strong medicine, it should not use all the time.

According to the experience of using ECA, the optimal method is to use the mixture once every two days for several weeks. After that, you should take a break. The best combination of drugs was also found experimentally: 20 milligrams of ephedrine, 200 milligrams of caffeine, and 300 milligrams of aspirin. This dose should be divided into three doses during the day.

Athletes whose stomach reacts negatively to aspirin may be advised to use oleander, a herbal complex of the drug. You can eliminate aspirin, as only ephedrine with caffeine can achieve excellent results.

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