Bodybuilding: Myths and Reality

Bodybuilding; what is the reality? Suppose you want to make progress in bodybuilding. In that case, you need to be able to distinguish the myth from the fundamental rules of muscle pumping. It is what our article will cover. And now, of course, it is necessary to deal with these stories, and misconceptions, to destroy them. Otherwise, you can injure yourself or stop playing sports for fear of the consequences, which in reality may not exist. You never know who and what will say. You always need to check the information and only then draw conclusions.

Bodybuilding and muscle growth

This process is most influenced by two factors – training and nutrition. When the need for muscle growth increases, the body, which receives stress from exercise, tries to help. Due to the impressive weight during training, there will be negative changes.

If we talk about muscles, then energy sources here are significantly reduced. We are talking about creatine phosphate and glycogen. The process of energy production increases significantly. As a result, the chemical composition of the muscle fibers becomes different. An increase in the content of adenosine diphosphate and creatine is observed. The same applies to hydrogen ions and lactate.

Muscle cells are toxic; individual muscle fibers are injured, however slightly. In addition, protein structures are destroyed.

The nervous system is under tremendous stress. The same applies to the neuromuscular. Let’s talk about the central nervous system. There is a lot of excitement and, on the contrary, too much inhibition. In addition, the respiratory and cardiovascular systems are also at risk.

The endocrine system is under increased stress: as a result, it has to secrete hormones, which are responsible for the immediate supply of energy sources, in increased quantities. The same is true of hormones, which include essential processes such as repair and construction.

If there is too much stress during exercise, the central nervous system activates the system of general adaptation. Here are some steps to help you cope with the stress. And also involves available adaptive responses unrelated to this stress. This situation is nothing but stress. As for the condition responsible for its occurrence, it is a stressor.

It’s a hormonal storm here. It rises in the body and supplies itself with binding energy, restoring the spent fuel. Thanks to the urgent adaptive response, all the essential structural processes necessary during recovery are triggered.

When the systems are restored and back to normal, there will be a super recovery – this will allow them to reach a new, more impressive level than the original one.

What can affect the growth of muscle tissue during bodybuilding:

  • The proliferation of myofibrils;
  • An increase in the volume of sarcasm;
  • Increases the amount of connective tissue;
  • The above elements are in any combination.

Shape and type of muscles

And again, let’s talk about the myths we described just above. Let’s start with the first two legends. It will not be superfluous to understand the concepts they are talking about, to begin with. If we talk about muscles, they cannot be inflated or, on the contrary, deformed or processed. It can only be said about the body.

They can be big or small, strong or weak – that would be more correct. It is the only way to characterize them. As for the body, here we can talk about relief – it happens when the muscles are visible.

An increase in muscle size or a decrease in muscle size is the only external change achieved through training. Increasing is hypertrophy, and decreasing is atrophy.

Hypertension in the muscles is the body’s reaction and adaptability. It is the growth of muscle mass. Here the irritation is stress. The athlete gets it during strength training.

The muscle does not change shape. It does not increase in one part and does not lengthen. The same applies to shortening. You can only try to grow the muscle, ultimately, completely. Bodybuilders performing on stage can boast a variety of muscle sizes due to genetics.

By doing the same exercises, the shape of the muscles can be different when muscle growth occurs. It depends on what the athlete inherited from his ancestors. So you should build a unique body, your own, and don’t try to be like someone else. With proper practice, you will get what you want. The main things are willpower, patience, and striving to achieve the goal.


The importance of an individual approach

Bodybuilders try to increase muscle growth through exercise. To do this, you should choose a personal training plan. How many muscle groups will be involved in the work when performing movements is essential. The activation of the necessary adaptive mechanisms of the central nervous system depends on this. Therefore, it is best to consult a trainer – he will suggest the right training system and prescribe a unique exercise program.

When making a training plan, evaluate the athlete who will do all of this in practice. Exercises that work for some may not work at all for others. Any training program can cause hypertrophy. At the same time, the same regime may be effective for one athlete but utterly useless for another.

Strength training bodybuilding features for beginners

When a trainer develops a weight training program for those, who have just started participating in physical activity.

 They take into account two aspects of the training process that follow the theory of adaptation:

  • Even the lightest load for bodybuilders who start training in this sport will be an impressive irritation because of the adaptive changes.
  • For the body’s response to be stable, it is essential to choose the ideal training program as correctly as possible. The same goes for techniques that will help boost your training program.

Bodybuilders and their trainers must constantly search for the most effective training methods. In addition, an important task is to maximize the growth rate of achievements in sports. For this, a detailed analysis of the athlete’s training and how the body reacts precisely to the training methods used in fitness classes. This way, you can find a unique, most suitable list of techniques to help you achieve the best results in sports. In this way, a system of long-term training is formed.


And finally, bodybuilding is another myth that muscles should constantly be in shock, so their growth does not stop. The exercises should be as rational and varied as possible. You can split several different braids – three or even four. This way, you rest some muscle groups and force others to work. And then, you will change the load on certain groups. It means that the training will not be so difficult and tiring.

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