Medball: Set of exercises with a medicine ball at home

Medball what it is how do you exercise at home that ball? Find out what kind of training with Medball is, what it is and why many coaches recommend practicing with such a ball. Medball is a weight-bearing substance that is actively used in the gym and for rehabilitation in medicine. This is very effective equipment that can be used at home for training. Today we will talk about a set of exercises with a medicine ball at home.

Medball: what is it?

Medball is a ball about 35 centimeters in size. Outwardly, it is very similar to basketball. The medball’s shell is made of leather, nylon, or tight rubber, which allows you to hold it securely in your hands. To increase the weight of the healing ball, you can use sawdust, metal veneer, gel, or sand. Basically, the weight of a medball is 1-20 kilos, but there are also heavier models.

Because balls have been used by humans since ancient times. Historians know that heavy bullets were used by the Persians and the ancient Greeks worked for training. Then Hippocrates could find the use of these sports equipment in medicine. One of the positive features of midfield is the absence of stress on the allied equipment.

Today, the medicine ball is actively used even by professionals and athletes develop physical parameters with it. For example, in wrestling or boxing, with a ball, athletes mimic the pressure of the opponent, thereby strengthening the muscles of the arms, chest, and shoulder girdle. Athletes also use this shot during the rehabilitation period after having previously suffered injuries. As the load on the joints when using the medicine ball is low, training with it is safe.

If a regular ball bounces off the surface, the center ball does not have this ability as it dampens the speed and power of the shot. This is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in modern sports because, unlike kettlebells or weights, drug bubbles cannot damage the floor. At the same time, do not confuse medball with a fit ball. Remember that the latter is a large inflatable ball, which is also actively used in the gym.

Benefits of training with a medicine ball at home

Thanks to the training with the medicine ball, you can not only get rid of fat effectively but also increase physical parameters.

Among the main benefits of balloon training, we consider:

  • Medball can be used as a weight during strength training. With its help, you can work with the properties of all the muscles of the body and give it an attractive appearance.
  • Thanks to the medicine ball, the effectiveness of exercises increases significantly. As the shot creates great resistance to all movements, it is a great way to strengthen the musculoskeletal system.
  • Exercising with a ball is soft for the teams, which minimizes the risk of injury. This feature of the medical ball allows it to be actively used for rehabilitation training for the elderly and those recovering from injuries.
  • The medball allows you to effectively work the stability of the muscles, as well as the corset muscles.
  • The medicine ball is used today in plyometric braids, as well as cardio training to develop endurance, speed-strength, and explosives.
  • Since the diameter of the ball is not more than 35 centimeters, it does not need much space to store it in the apartment.
  • Medball can be a great way to develop coordination, balance, and dexterity.
  • The medicine ball is often used in teaching children and is a great way to help them overcome their fear of weight.
  • A set of exercises with a medicine ball at home is a set of physiological movements and the skills acquired in training are practical.
  • You can use Medball in sports and add variety to your fitness activities.

How to choose the right ball?

If you decide to buy a weighted ball for home exercise, then you need to focus primarily on your own exercise. Do some exercises with the ball, because it must be heavy enough to feel resistance. However, it is also important to maintain coordination of movements to minimize the risk of injury.

If you are facing weight loss, develop endurance and explosiveness. It is enough to use a medicine ball; its weight is from one to three kilograms. For strength training, you should use a dumbbell that weighs more than five pounds. We do not recommend choosing a ball with a margin for the future. You will need to do 10 to 20 repetitions for each exercise on our GP Ballet Kit. Start with a small medicine bubble and work your way up to heavier options.

It is also important to visually inspect the surface of the sphere. It should not be damaged. Hold the medicine ball in your hands and evaluate the surface, which should not be slippery. Today, in sporting goods stores, you can find models of center balls that are equipped with handles to make some movements more comfortable. However, you should not focus on this and it is still better to use a regular round ball.

This is because such a bubble is universal ammunition and can be used to perform various exercises. The cost of medball can vary greatly. The price of sports equipment is strongly influenced by the coating material and the manufacturer’s brand.

When and to whom should you practice with a medicine ball?

Training with a medicine ball allows you to exercise all the muscles of the body with minimal stress on the joints. The shot can well replace kettlebells and weights and add variety to the training process. Exercising with a medicine ball not only allows you to lose weight but also gain muscle mass.

This is versatile sports equipment that can be used not only by professionals but also by fitness enthusiasts. It is used by teenagers and the elderly. Today, many weightlifters actively use heavy balls to increase strength, endurance, and coordination of movements.

Training should start with a light medicine ball. Gradually it is necessary to increase the mass of the used missile. This will allow the load to develop, which is the basic principle of effective training. Do not forget the importance of combining training with medball and other sports equipment.

Set of exercises with a medicine ball at home

First, you need to consider some of the nuances of midfield training. First of all, you need to choose the optimal weight of the ball individually. We recommend doing one exercise in the shop for 10 to 15 repetitions. By doing so, you should not stretch your muscles too much.

It is important to remember that the mass of the shot should gradually increase. However, as we said above, you should not buy a medicine pill with a reserve for the future. The weight you use in your workout should match your fitness. Since all the movements in the exercises we are considering with balls at home are special, you will need plenty of space.

It is very important to perform high-quality heating before each lesson begins. Be sure to warm up the teams to minimize the risk of injury. You should perform all the movements that are counted today in three sets according to the plan of 10-15-20 repetitions in each.

  • Exercise # 1. Take your position in the back with the flash behind your head. The legs must bend at the knees and pull up to the buttocks. Use the strength of the leg muscles, lift the torso straight up and lift the arms with a medicine ball above the head. Beginners can master the exercise without sports equipment.
  • Exercise number 2. Take a standing position with your arms outstretched with a medicine ball in front of you. With a deep lung forward with one foot, turn your body in the opposite direction. In this case, the arms should not be outstretched. Return to the starting position and perform the movement in the opposite direction.
  • Exercise number 3. Exercise is similar to the previous one, but while you are depressed, you need to lift your arms up and bend your body at the same time.
  • Exercise number 4. Performing knees, after the edge you need to jump out and throw a medicine ball. Do not seize him, but let him fall to the ground.
  • Exercise number 5. Take a standing position and hold the medball in front of your chest. Lean forward, lifting one leg but the other is important. Therefore, the arms with the ball and the foot should form a straight line. This movement helps to develop coordination.
  • Exercise number 6. When you are near the bench, hold the medicine ball to your chest. Jump on the bench with both feet and return to the starting position. Then repeat the jump, but from the jump position. A step platform can be used instead of a bench.
  • Exercise number 7. Perform a deep knee bend and hold the ball close to your chest. Replace full knee bend with partial knee bend, lower to parallel ground.
  • Exercise number 8 . Lay the ball on the ground and rest your hands on it, start doing arm bends. This movement not only strengthens the muscles but also increases coordination.
  • Exercise number 9 . Get on your back with your arms outstretched with the ball behind your head. Start bending your body as you lift your legs and arms. A similar exercise must be performed on the abdomen.
  • Exercise number 10. Take a standing position with your arms extended with a medicine ball in front of you. Start by describing the directions horizontally and vertically.
Medball: Set of exercises with a medicine ball
Medball set of exercises with a medicine ball

To develop explosive power, it is necessary to perform a ball throw:

  • Sit in front of a wall and throw a shot at it, like giving your basketball team a pass. Repeat the movement 10 to 15 times.
  • The starting position is similar to the previous exercise, but you need to stand with your back against the wall, legs wide apart. Lift the tuck with the shot up, then bend sharply and throw the medicine ball between your legs against the wall.
  • We have already said that a bubble can replace a kettlebell. Lift the shot from the shoulder joint straight up with one hand. The exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

The set of exercises with a medicine ball described by us at home allows you to do an excellent workout where you have worked all the muscles of the body at once in one lesson.

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