Women’s boxing for the butt

Women’s boxing for the butt, the secret to raised buttocks is the meticulous work in the gym, which is based on a female knee bend. The most important thing in their implementation is to follow the technology so that a female knee bend does not involuntarily change into a male one. Naturally, women have wonderful muscular skeletons that develop as their owners will emphasize the beauty of their bodies. A beautiful elastic butt is the “center of the universe”. If your skin is elastic in childhood and you can wander around the city in a short skirt without doing anything, then you need to take seriously your appearance after 20-25 years to preserve your beauty. And the “elixir” of female youth is the kneeling of women with weight.

How do women box for the butt?

The female branch has a special character from the male with an emphasis on the load on the buttocks and hamstrings. It makes your legs look more graceful, slimmer, and attractive.

However, many girls are afraid of kneeling and claim that it is an opportunity to become masculine. Indeed, very often, due to ignorance, girls in gyms sit in the same way as men. As a result, they have holes in their feet and lack buttocks.

After learning the method of performing a women’s knee bend and using it correctly, a woman will never swing like a gymnast. These athletes have a history, not without the use of anabolic steroids.

Technique for performing women’s knee flexion with a barbell

Squats are the most effective exercise for total leg and glute training. But only if you do it right! Therefore, at first, it is better to practice not alone, but under the supervision of a coach, to fine-tune the implementation technique to the ideal.

  • Stand straight with your feet firmly in a comfortable position shoulder-width apart (the wider your legs, the more muscles in your neck and adductor thighs will be involved in the work).
  • Turn the socks slightly to the sides.
  • Bend your back and lean forward slightly.
  • Hold your head straight or point slightly up, but in no case try to look down at your feet.
  • Begin to sit down, pushing your heels firmly to the floor and without lifting them through the entire set. Do not stretch your knees beyond your toes.
  • When you put yourself in the skin, put your butt back on. Body lifts should not be done with ATVs, but because of high tension in the arm muscles.
  • Sit slowly and smoothly a little deeper than parallel (in the lower phase, the buttocks will absorb most of the load).
  • Stand up without jerking, but do not bend your knees completely, so that the load is not transferred to the joints, but stays in the muscles at all times.
  • Repeat the required number of procedures.

Once you have mastered the basics of classic squats, you can experiment with their variety and include other types of squats (pliƩ, sumo) in your training program.

At first, you should not gain much weight. Work for a while with your own weight or with a very lightweight. And only after the technology is automated and the muscles feel good during the exercise can the load develop.

Women's boxing for the butt
Women’s boxing for the butt


And yet, do not expect a miracle after a week of time. To achieve the desired results, you need to sweat well. It is necessary not to swing the butt 1? or 2 months before the opening of the beach season, lasts a lifetime, and then the “fifth point” will thank you with softness and attraction.


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