Hormonal: Causes of hormonal imbalance in athletes

Hormonal; how maintain an athlete? Find out, not fiction, but real reasons why athletes have hormonal dysfunction and what role anabolic steroids play in this matter. Hormones in the human body control the activity of all body systems. It suggests that endocrine system disruption can lead to the most severe consequences. Today we will look at the leading causes of hormonal imbalance in athletes. Scientists are convinced that the normal functioning of the endocrine organs is the key to longevity.

In the male body, the main hormones are androgens produced by the testicles. It is these substances that form additional genitalia, ensure the growth of muscle tissue, etc. A special hypothalamic-pituitary gland controls the work of the gonads. Of course, the causes of hormonal imbalance in athletes can vary, but the most common culprit is anabolic steroids. After completing the AAS course, many problems are possible, significantly a decrease in libido.

Decreased libido after a course of AAS: causes of hormonal disturbances

You are probably wondering why we focus on steroids. It is straightforward because every athlete who wants to achieve great results uses them. Otherwise, one cannot trust in high places. Steroid courses can not only help athletes improve athletic performance but also cause several side effects. One of the most common is gynecomastia and decreased libido after a cycle.

Suppose we can eliminate the first adverse effects at the initial stage with the help of particular drugs from the antiestrogen group. In that case, the second one is more complicated. At first glance, this may not seem logical because AAS is designed to increase the concentration of testosterone, which is responsible for libido. It is precisely what happens during the course, but the situation changes after stopping taking external hormones. Look at all the causes of hormonal disturbances in athletes after a period of AAS.

Many athletes are sure that a decrease in sexual desire after training is average and may not even notice it. More essential for them is the appearance of this unpleasant moment when using steroids. One can agree with this, but only partially. When a similar situation arises, you need to pay attention to the athletes’ drugs.

 Here are the main causes of hormonal disturbances in athletes, which lead to a decrease in libido and a worsening of erections:

  • The wrong combination of drugs – it’s no secret that combined courses are more effective than solo courses. However, suppose the drugs are not chosen correctly. In that case, there can be problems with the concentration of the male hormone that can lead to impotence.
  • Use of high doses – this applies to some drugs that must be taken in strictly defined doses.
  • Poor blood flow to the pelvic organs – Steroids do not always cause decreased libido. For example, the structural features of the pelvis can slow down blood flow, which will have negative consequences.
  • After passing a general blood test, chronic diseases can delete this problem from the list.
  • A high concentration of prolactin – can lead not only to a temporary decrease in libido but also to the development of impotence.

The drug- nandrolone decanoate is often the main reason for a drop in sexual desire. Among athletes, this steroid is called decay. In the field of sports medicine, there is even a particular term, “deca-dik,” which means a decrease in male sexual activity and the presence of problems with erection. We will talk about it below. Correct the condition with drugs that accelerate the formation of the male hormone – testosterone boosters, for example, Tribulus.

Another reason for hormonal disturbances in athletes can be a decrease in the concentration of the luteinizing hormone. This substance controls the production of testosterone in the male body. In addition, the concentration of estrogen in AAS, which contains aromatic drugs, increases, leading to disruption of the endocrine system. Do not forget about the banal overwork of the nervous system, which is quite possible with intensive training.

It is evident that every athlete who faces the problems described above seeks to restore the body’s work as soon as possible. The desire is correct, but its execution sometimes turns out to be wrong. When the libido falls, novice athletes begin using active drugs that affect hypothalamic-pituitary function. However, it is first necessary to complete the course and gradually reduce the dose of AAS. I want to note that athletes with less experience with the use of steroids will have a much easier recovery.

Deca-dik: causes and remedies

Deca-dik is a fairly common phenomenon among athletes. The main reason for its appearance is a significant increase in the concentration of the hormone prolactin. In the female body, this substance is responsible for the growth of mammary glands. Scientists have not yet figured out exactly why a person needs prolactin. Some doctors are sure that the hormone is terrible for the male body. Still, others assume that at average concentration, it will not harm.

So far, we can only say with complete confidence that the prolactin concentration affects the production of luteinizing hormone. When using drugs with progesterone activity (nandrolone and trenbolone), it is necessary to take certain medications that affect dopamine receptors. In sports, Dostinex is most often used to solve this problem.

It is also worth undergoing a medical examination to identify violations in the work of the hormonal system. Do not forget that drugs, including Dostinex, have various side effects and must be taken according to the instructions. The reason for the development of deca-dik can also be high globulin. This protein compound binds to sex hormones, including testosterone. As a result, these substances become inactive and cannot do their job.

Hormonal Dysfunction in Athletes: Causes and Symptoms

We have now looked at the potential problems associated with taking steroids. However, disorders of the endocrine system can occur not only because of this. The gonads are most active during puberty. Around 17-20 years, the work of the endocrine system is in a normal state, and it remains so for about ten years. From 30, most men experience a decline in testosterone production of an average of one and a half percent each year.

When talking about the causes of hormonal disorders in athletes, it is necessary to remember the characteristics of each person’s body.

 Baseline testosterone levels are different for each person, and this indicator depends on several factors:

  • Health status.
  • Presence or absence of chronic conditions.
  • A type of sexual constitution.

Therefore, androgenic activity can appear already at a relatively early age. At the same time, in other men, high levels of testosterone can continue into old age.

 Let’s point out the leading causes of hormonal disorders in athletes:

  • Genetic abnormalities of the gonads.
  • Various hereditary factors.
  • Acquired pathology of gonads and organs.
  • Chronic and acute poisoning.
  • Diseases of an infectious nature.
  • Tumor.
  • Ecological condition.
  • Inactive lifestyle.
  • Mechanical damage to the testes.

You should pay attention to the fact that scientists classify the thyroid, pituitary, testes, and adrenal glands as organs of the male endocrine system. If there are problems with the work of at least one of them, then the functioning of the hormonal system as a whole is disturbed. The kidneys and liver health is also essential, as these organs are actively involved in the metabolism of hormones and their utilization.

One of the reasons for low androgens can be toxic damage to the body caused by the peculiarities of work and the presence of bad habits. Problems are also possible with an illiterate diet. Certain foods can reduce testosterone production. For example, more and more scientists are discussing the relatively high risk of beer for men. It is due to the nutrition in elevated amounts of phytoestrogens, analogs of female hormones.

Endocrine system problems can arise not only with age. For example, frequent lack of sleep, high stress, and too much work can cause a decrease in libido. Some medications, such as those used to treat ulcers, can also affect hormone production. Testicular hyperthermia is the last non-age-related cause of hormonal imbalance in athletes. The testicles can generally function at a temperature of about 33.5 degrees. Overheating of organs leads to problems with androgen production.

Hormonal imbalance in athletes
Hormonal imbalance in athletes

When talking about the causes of disruption of the endocrine system, the most common symptoms should be noted:

  • Falling stamina.
  • General malaise.
  • Great irritation.
  • Frequent depression.
  • Panic attacks appear.
  • Decrease in muscle mass.
  • Increase in fatty tissue in the abdominal cavity.
  • Pain in the muscles (myositis).
  • Problems with the quality of hair and skin.

Most often, problems in the endocrine system are accompanied by decreased libido and worsening erection. Hormonal disturbances in the male body can be caused by problems in the work of the heart muscles and vascular system, diabetes, and neurological diseases. You should be aware that estrogens are also present in the male body. The sexual attraction also depends on the concentration of these substances. Moreover, libido problems can occur with low and high estrogen levels.

If you experience symptoms of an endocrine disorder, you should not self-medicate. Be sure to visit a specialist and get tested. Based on its results, you can prescribe the appropriate treatment. Actions taken independently can only worsen the situation.

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