Skin condition: The effect of exercise on skin condition

Skin condition; what type of effect of exercise? Find out what scientists have to say about the benefits of exercise for your skin and which sports to choose to maximize the results. Everyone knows that moderate exercise contributes to health. Still, the question of how exercise affects skin conditions remains unanswered for many people. It is this topic that we are going to discuss today.

How exercise affects the skin: Research findings

We will not delay long and immediately inform you that scientists have proven the benefits of sports for the skin. Regular training allows not only to preserve the skin’s youth but even to trigger the opposite reaction if aging has already begun. It’s no secret that the skin starts to sag with age, and wrinkles appear on it. These changes are particularly age-related and are related to the activation of modifications in various skin layers.

After the age of 40, the outer layer of the skin gradually begins to thicken, and the number of collagen fibers in it decreases. All this leads to the skin becoming dry and rough. At the same time, the layer under the epidermis begins to thin. Its cell type dies, and the plasticity index decreases. As a result, the skin becomes dull.

It must keep in mind that all these changes are only related to age, and ultraviolet sunlight has nothing to do with them. However, researchers from McMaster University, located in the Canadian province of Ontario, proved that the reactions discussed above are reversible. The first test subjects were mice, and scientists declared that exercise significantly slows aging. When deprived rodents of the opportunity to actively move, they quickly became lethargic, limp, and bald.

Scientists did not want to stop there and conducted a study with the participation of 29 men and women aged 20-84. Half of the participants in the experiment were active and trained for at least three hours a week. The rest of the people were sitting still. At the end of the investigation, researchers checked the condition of the skin on the buttocks to minimize the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

After examining skin tissue under a microscope, scientists saw what they should have – in older people, the outer layer of the skin became thicker. However, the situation became more apparent after the samples were separated by motion. Even well over 40, in active people, skin looked at least ten years younger. Of course, we cannot discount other factors, such as nutrition or genetics, which also affect our health. Therefore, scientists could not give an exact answer to the question, how does exercise affect the condition of the skin?

All this led the experiment to continue. Elderly participants in the previous study, whose skin disease matched their physiological age, actively participated in sports. During the week, at least two practices lasted about an hour. The study lasted three months, after which new skin tissue samples were taken with a biopsy.

Subsequently, it confirmed that it rejuvenated the skin. According to scientists, the whole point is that blood flow accelerates under the influence of physical exertion, and more myosin enters the skin cells. It is these substances that activate the process of regeneration of cell structures. Increased levels of a substance called IL-15 were also found. After physical exertion, his score increased by 50 percent.

So, now we can talk about some factors that contribute to improving the condition of the skin under the influence of physical exertion:

  • With the help of profuse sweat, the pores are perfectly cleansed.
  • Blood microcirculation improves, which allows cells to be supplied with large amounts of nutrients and quickly utilize toxins.
  • The work of the vascular system is standard.

But you should be aware of some nuances that have negative connotations. During so-called “drying,” the body is very dehydrated, which is the main reason the outer layer of the skin deteriorates. Professionals forced to use rigid nutrition plans are familiar with the state of breakdown when the body destroys itself due to a lack of adequate nutrients.

If you plan to get rid of excess weight thanks to a strict diet, then think about the consequences of this on the skin. In such a situation, the risk of stretch marks is exceptionally high. Then it will only be possible to eliminate them thanks to the beauty salon.

Which sport should you choose to improve the condition of your skin?

Today, every person has the right to choose the sport he likes best. Now we will try to answer which sport is more effective for improving skin conditions.


The greater the stress on the muscles, the stronger the body’s reaction will be. If you feel a slight burning sensation in your muscles after a workout, you can be sure you are not wasting time training. Strength training is powerful stress for the body, which urgently begins to produce hormonal substances. Then they are primarily delivered to the tissues that have just been trained.

With the help of strength training, every woman can significantly improve her appearance. Firstly, this concerns an increase in muscle tone. Muscles throughout the body are tightened and no longer sag as were before. If you do regular squats, you will soon notice how your butt gets an attractive look. In addition, cells are destroyed under the influence of hormones. As a reminder, you should avoid severe body dehydration. The recommended duration of the training is 45 minutes and three sessions per week are enough.

 exercise on skin condition
exercise on skin condition


This sport is in some ways inferior to the gym, but in some ways, it is more effective. To begin with, you need to swim with a lot of strength to get the best results. It is also recommended to alternate between different swimming styles. In this case, you will be able to tighten the muscles of the whole body.

In addition, swimming has a positive effect on the lymph nodes and spinal cord, removing negative stress from them. Also, swimming is preferable in terms of lack of negative impact on the joints. As the outflow of lymph fluid is accelerated, various toxins and metabolites are rapidly eliminated from the cellular structure of all tissues, including the skin.


Yoga is trendy today among people who want to look good. Unfortunately, we cannot achieve excellent results except under the guidance of an expert, which is quite a big problem in our country. Often we teach exotic body movements, not yoga.

It would help if you also remembered that you could achieve faster physical results in the gym. When two or three months after starting fitness, the first changes in your figure will appear. Remember that yoga was created for spiritual self-improvement and can touch many aspects of life.

This ancient theory has never been positioned solely in terms of aesthetic changes to the body. There is no denying that regular yoga practice improves the figure, but this is a quick additional effect and not an end in itself for fans of the theory.

Beauty salon

Although today we are looking for an answer to how training affects skin conditions, you cannot do it without mentioning cosmetology. No matter how active your exercises in the gym are, they do not allow you to achieve the required rate of formation of substances such as elastin, hyaluronic acid, and elastin. If, after the age of 40, you decide to find the answer to the question of how training affects the skin’s condition, then this is possible only in connection with visits to a beauty salon. Can obtain maximum results with a suitable combination of physical activity and cosmetics.

How Exercise Affects Your Skin: Exercise Tips

Let’s find out what steps you need to take so that you don’t have to wonder how exercise affects your skin in the future.

  • You are sweating profusely in class. We have already said that sweat helps clean the skin’s pores. Moreover, scientists have proven that no modern cosmetics can do this more effectively. In scientific studies, it was also possible to determine the presence of antioxidants in sweat. It allows him to deal well with acne and other skin rashes. Right away, I want to note that you cannot go to the gym with many cosmetics applied to the skin. It will clog pores when the skin starts to dry out. The maximum you can afford is mascara and lipstick. Remember that you are visiting the gym not to meet pumped-up men but to improve your figure.
  • Minimize stressful situations. Stress hurts all the organs and systems of our body, including the skin. It doesn’t matter if you have problems at work or home; your skin responds to them as quickly as possible. Exercise has been proven to be an excellent anti-depressant.
  • Blood flows faster. We have already mentioned these positive effects of physical activity. Simultaneously with the blood flow, the metabolism is also accelerated, which positively impacts the whole body.
  • Movement is life. This ancient wisdom speaks quite measuredly about how beneficial physical activity is for the body. Scientists have confirmed this, but it is essential not to overdo it. Too much exercise can have the exact opposite effect.

You don’t have to wait long for positive results after training begins. It is important to remember that they should be regular, and the stress should be moderate. Whichever sport you choose, it is advisable to train under the supervision of a qualified specialist, at least for the first time. With her help, you will draw up the right training plan and learn all the basic movements.

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