Fitness area: What is a fitness area?

Fitness area; what is? Aerobic exercise is a conduit for fat burning. Therefore, you need to know how to do an electrocardiogram and what characteristics of an electrocardiogram arise in the body. The primary criterion for aerobic exercise is heart rate.

What is a fitness area?

 Experts have agreed to divide the total heart rate into four zones according to the intensity of the exercise. It is because the body can draw energy from several sources. In addition to body fat, these are glycogen and ATP.

The body uses a specific source in each of the four fitness areas, and it does not have to be fat cells. From this, we can conclude that to reduce fat reserves, it is necessary to work on the area where the body serves as a source of fat cells. The principles of aerobic training are related to intensity.

 Low concentration

The body uses body fat and blood sugar as energy in this area. Heart rate (HR) in the first zone is 50 to 60% of the maximum value.

This zone is used for warm-ups and cool-downs at the end of a session, to recover from strength training, or as a rest phase when interval training.

Such pressure is very light, and you can even have a conversation with your girlfriend. A similar load is achieved using a bicycle meter, stair climber, elliptical trainer, walking, and swimming.

Thanks to the first zone, it can increase blood flow, warm up the muscles for severe stress and normalize the pulse, preparing the cardiovascular system for more challenging training.

Medium strength

Here, the body uses fat and glycogen produced in the liver for energy. The heart rate is from 70 to 80 percent of its maximum value. It will allow you to increase your body’s endurance and is also used for relaxation during intense cardio.

You should no longer be distracted by conversations, as this can lead to shortness of breath. Most girls use this area as their primary area, but such loads are not very practical for burning fat. Should not do training in this mode more than twice a week.

Another loading zone is achieved thanks to dance aerobics, stepper, bicycle ergometer, treadmill, elliptical trainer, and aerobics. Thus, you can improve the function of the cardiovascular system and, using a diet plan, lose excess weight.

 Increased intensity

The body uses glycogen as an energy source, with training experience for more than a year and a half – fat. The heart rate is between 80 and 90 percent of the maximum value. We can use the training in the third zone with interval training, which, together with diet, leads to actual body weight. But it should keep in mind that the efficiency of fat burning decreases with more than 2 or 3 years of training experience. It would help if you used increased cardio twice a week.

At this speed, you will not have time for conversations, a burning sensation will appear in your muscles, and your breathing will become more frequent. You can complete these intensities on a treadmill, boots, or bicycle ergometer, as well as cycling and jogging in the fresh air. By increasing the power of the training, you will improve the heart’s function, increase the body’s endurance, and burn a lot of calories.

 What is a fitness area
What is a fitness area

High intensity

In this fitness area, the body uses glycogen and amino acid compounds found in muscle tissue for energy. The heart rate is between 90 and 100 percent of the maximum value.

The energy consumption used in interval training is very high. The right nutrition plan is the most effective for weight loss. You can perform one to three high-intensity exercises per week. You can achieve this load using a bicycle meter for cycling and jogging.

Sometimes the heart rate monitor has been at home. In this case, you have to use subjective feelings by using your measurements. It is very convenient to use a ten-point scale. In this case, a load of 5 points will correspond to a 50% heart rate.

It may seem that this method is not as effective as a regular heart rate monitor. Still, in reality, the situation is quite different. Of course, you need the experience to create your perceptual metrics, but it turns out no worse than a heart rate monitor.

Of course, we should discuss the need to buy a heart rate monitor. Today it is an intelligent device that can no longer only show your heart rate. Modern appliances have several quite valuable functions.

But with all this, the heart rate monitor is a small computer, which uses the old formula, as old as the world: 220 years, to calculate the maximum heart rate. As a result, your estimate of maximum heart rate will be very rough. It is a very individual indicator. Before starting classes, you should consult a specialist to determine your heart rate. Afterward, it should enter into the heart rate monitor’s memory.

If, for some reason, you do not have the opportunity to undergo an examination in a medical institution, then after purchasing a pacemaker, you can set the maximum pressure. The nearest pulse value can be used as the maximum. As mentioned above, by gaining a specific training experience, you can easily do without a new gadget. But at the beginning level of courses, you still need it. All your feelings you get from the training should be memorized to be able to draw your strengths.


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